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Alex Bellon, Miro Haller*, Andrey Labunets, Enze Liu, and Stefan Savage. 2024. "An Empirical Analysis on the Use and Reporting of National Security Letters." preprint (blog post, pub, pdf)

Alexander Viand*, Patrick Jattke, Miro Haller, Anwar Hithnawi. (2023). "HECO: Fully Homomorphic Encryption Compiler" USENIX Security 2023. (blog post, pub, pdf)

Martin R. Albrecht, Miro Haller, Lenka Mareková*, Kenneth G. Paterson. (2023). "Caveat Implementor! Key Recovery Attacks on MEGA" Eurocrypt 2023. (blog post, pub, pdf, talk)

🏆 Distinguished Paper Award 🏆
Matilda Backendal, Miro Haller* and Kenneth G. Paterson. (2023). "MEGA: Malleable Encryption Goes Awry" IEEE S&P 2023. (blog post, pub, pdf, talk)

Ivan Puddu*, Moritz Schneider, Miro Haller, Srdjan Čapkun. (2021). "Frontal Attack: Leaking Control-​Flow in SGX via the CPU Frontend" USENIX Security 2021. (blog post, pub, pdf, talk)


M. Backendal, M. Haller, K. G. Paterson, "End-to-End Encrypted Cloud Storage" to appear in IEEE Security & Privacy, vol. 22, no. 2, March.-April. 2024, doi: 10.1109/MSEC.2024.3352788 (blog post, pub, pdf)